OTB steeplechase

Steeplechase Estate Auction with Johnathan Kilpatrick

Our host, Rachel Hurt, is joined by Johnathan Kilpatrick from International Auction, LLC. to review the beautiful Steeplechase Estate property in Columbus, MS – built by our reoccurring On the Beat guest, Kenny Frye of Homes by Frye.     COMPANY INFORMATION: International Auction, LLC. 639 Walnut Street, Suite...
OTB louisville

A Day in the Front Office at Louisville Dental Associates

Troy Thompson speaks with Chloe Crimm, Office Manager at Louisville Dental Associates, about the responsibilities of front office management and establishing relationships with patients.     Company Information: Louisville Dental Associates 16701 East Main St. - Louisville, MS (662) 773-5544 www.smilesbylda.com
OTB rezilient

IV Hydration and Its Benefits with Rezilient Hope Hydration Lounge

Erica Horton and Katie Gardner from Rezilient Hope Hydration Lounge join Troy Thompson for an in-depth discussion about IV infusions - an innovative way to replenish your body with essential vitamins and nutrients for better health.     Company Information: Rezilient Hope Hydration Lounge 3189 Hwy 45 N, Suite...
OTB easley 2

Inheritance and Property Division with Chuck Easley, Attorney at Law

Host Troy Thompson is joined by Chuck Easley from Easley Law Firm for the second part of their discussion on property division.     Company Information: Easley Law Firm Chuck Easley - Attorney at Law (662) 327-1000 chuckeasley.com
OTB - sleep apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and its effects with Omnis Health Clinic

Host Troy Thompson is joined by Amanda Fondren from Omnis Health Clinic to discuss obstructive sleep apnea symptoms and what puts individuals at risk for the condition.     Omnis Health Clinic: 34 Glenwood Drive Columbus, MS 39705 (662) 570-1166 omnisclinic.com
OTB - small intestine

An Overgrowth of Bacteria in the Small Intestine with Gastroenterology Associates

Troy Thompson sits with Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Johnston for a conversation concerning the bacteria in our small intestine - the good and the bad - and how they treat their patients to ensure better health.     Gastroenterology Associates - columbusgi.com Columbus location: 600 Leigh Drive Columbus, MS...
OTB - cannabis

Discussing Medical Cannabis with Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC.

Attorney at Law, Will Cooper, joins Troy Thompson to discuss the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act and all that it entails.     Information for Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC.: P.O. Box 1827 Columbus, MS 39703-1827 (662) 243-7443 www.cgclawpllc.com
Roberts - Screenshot 2022-07-12 163819

Supplements That Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy with Robert’s Apothecary

Troy and Robert discuss supplement options that keep your heart healthy and happy.     Information for Robert's Apothecary: 2219 5th Street N - Columbus, MS 39705 (662) 327-5400 robertsapothecaryms.com