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Child Support Law with Chuck Easley

Troy Thompson is joined by attorney Chuck Easley to go over child support laws in the state of Mississippi. Watch now to learn what this entails and how Chuck Easley law can help today! Information Chuck Easley Attorney at Law Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-1000 https://chuckeasley.com/
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Premises Liability with Crowell Gillis & Cooper

If an injury occurs at an establishment, it can potentially fall under premises liability. Premises liability claims can be tricky to navigate. Will Cooper joins Troy Thompson to talk through the different scenarios that can fall under this category. Watch now to learn how Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC can...
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Seasonal Allergies with Omnis Health Clinic

Seasonal allergies can prove to be very irritating for most people. Omnis Health Clinic can help with these problems. Watch Amanda Fondren and Troy Thompson discuss the causes for allergies, as well as how to deal with them. Information: Omnis Health Clinic Located in Columbus, MS 662-570-1166 https://omnisclinic.com/
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Workers Compensation with Richard Schwartz & Associates

Being injured on a job site could qualify for workers compensation. Richard Schwartz and Patrick Wooten detail how the state can help pay for medical costs. Join Troy Thompson on this episode to navigate the qualifications for workers comp. Information Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. Located in Tupelo, MS...
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Risks of Polyps with Gastroenterology Associates

Polyps grow in the colon and can turn into colon cancer. Dr. Richard Heard and Troy Thompson discuss the various causes for this. Watch now to learn the risks of polyps and how Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus can help. Information: Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus Located in Columbus, MS (662)327-7525...
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Vitamin D Deficiency with Omnis Health Clinic

Fatigue, muscle weakness, tooth decay, and headaches can all be signs of Vitamin D deficiency. Amanda Fondren joins Troy Thompson to discuss inadequate vitamin d levels and how Omnis Health Clinic can help. Information: Omnis Health Clinic Located in Columbus, MS 662-570-1166 https://omnisclinic.com/
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Grandparent Visitation Rights with Will Cooper

When certain family issues arise, one might need to know proper visitation rights for grandparents. Will Cooper and Troy Thompson go into detail about the various visitation rights for grandparents during these situations. Watch now to learn how Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC can help. Information Crowell Gillis &...
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3M Earplug Court Case Progression with Patrick Wooten

The 3M combat earplug cases have begun making progress. Patrick Wooten joins Troy Thompson to discuss seven trials that have moved forward through the Florida court system. Watch now to learn more about the lawsuits taking place over these faulty military earplugs used from 2003 to 2015. Information Richard...