Scott Ferguson Discusses Financing For The New Year

Scott Ferguson talks with Troy Thompson about financial solutions for the new year. Watch now to learn about these helpful new years resolutions tips from Financial Concepts. Information Financial Concepts Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-1480 https://www.fincon.net/

Brooks Eye Center On How Diabetes Can Affect Eyesight

Dr. Robert Phyfer joins Troy Thompson on the show to talk about diabetes and the actual eye. Watch now to learn how diabetes can affect eyesight and how Brooks Eye Center and Optical can help. Information Brooks Eye Center & Optical Located in Columbus, MS 662-222-0202 https://www.brookseye.com/

Richard Schwartz On Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

Richard Schwartz and Patrick Wooten from Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. join the show to speak with Troy Thompson about bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Watch now to learn more about these laws in the State of Mississippi! Information Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. Located in Columbus, MS 601-869-0696 https://www.1call.ms/

Dr. Cameron Huxford Discusses COPD

Dr. Cameron Huxford  joins the show today to talk with Troy Thompson about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Watch now to find out more about COPD and how The Huxford Clinic of Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can help! Information The Huxford Clinic Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Located in Starvkille, MS 662-268-5042...

Dr. Shana Thomas On Chiropractic Work For The Aging Population

Dr. Shana Thomas sits down with Troy Thompson on the show today to discuss chiropractic work for the aging population. Watch now to learn how Flexx Chiropractic can help with stiffness and other physical discomforts! Information Flexx Chiropractic Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-6586 https://flexxchiropractic.com/

Robert White on Digestion and Acid Reflux

Robert White from Robert's Apothecary joins Troy Thompson on the show today to talk about digestion and recommend specific remedies for individuals suffering from acid reflux. He also explains the difference between digestive enzymes and probiotics and which would be best for you. Watch now to find out more on...

Dr. Porter On Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Dr. Steve Porter  joins Troy Thompson today to talk about the benefits of teeth whitening. Watch now to find out how Porter, Singley, and Crane Family Dentistry can help today! Information Porter, Singley, and Crane Family Dentistry Located in Columbus, MS 662-328-1600 https://pscdental.com/

Plastic Surgery Of North Mississippi On Breast Augmentation

Dr. Alan Pritchard and Jana Steele join Troy Thompson on the show to continue the conversation about breast augmentation. Watch now to see how Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi can help today! Information Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi Located in Tupelo, MS 662-842-8949 http://www.dralanpritchard.com/