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Gastroenterology Associates On Safety And Colonoscopies

Troy Thompson is joined today by Dr. Ricky Johnston from Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus. Today they discuss the safety precautions for patients, staff, and the importance of colonoscopies.  Watch now to learn how Gastroenterology Associates can help today! Information: Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus Located in Columbus, MS (662)327-7525

Robert’s Apothecary On Yeast Infection Protocols

Robert White from Robert's Apothecary joins Troy Thompson to discuss systemic yeast infections. Today they go over the causes of yeast infection, symptoms it causes, as well as the various protocols to take when having it. Watch now to learn how Robert's Apothecary can help! Robert's Apothecary Located in Columbus,...

Dr. Huxford On The New Non-CPAP Treatment, Inspire

Troy Thompson speaks with Dr. Cameron Huxford from the Huxford Clinic. Today they discuss sleep apnea and the new inspire treatment for it. Watch now to learn more about this non-CPAP device and how Huxford Clinic can help today! Information The Huxford Clinic Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Located in Starvkille,...

Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney At Law On Conservatorship and Guardianship

Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney At Law sits down with Troy Thompson to discuss conservatorship and guardianship. Watch now to find out how these processes can determine the distribution of a loved ones estate. Information Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney at Law Located in Amory, MS 662-597-2294

Allen Gill From Steel Dynamics On Career Opportunities and More!

Allen Gill, Hot Mill manager, from Steel Dynamics joins Troy Thompson for the first time via Zoom video call. Today they discuss what the company produces, what hot milling includes, and the various career opportunities that they provide. Watch now to learn more about this innovative company! Information Steel Dynamics...

Dr. Anna Spradling On Vision Therapy

Dr. Anna Claire Spradling joins Troy Thompson on the show today to talk about optomic vision therapy. Learn more about this treatment for visual efficiency issues and how Columbus Vision Group can help! Information Columbus Vision Group Located in Columbus, MS (662)329-1233

Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC On Options for Disposition of Property

Bill Gillis and Elizabeth Jones from Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC join Troy Thompson in the studio. Today they answer questions from the viewers about options for disposition of property. Watch now to learn more about beneficiary designations, joint ownership's, and so much more! Information Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC...

JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals On Discount Points

Jeff Farnham from JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals sits down with Troy Thompson to discuss the topic of discount points. Learn more about interest rates with discount points and how JTS can help today! Information JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals Located in Columbus, MS 662-329-9090