Dr. Alan Pritchard Answers Questions On Breast Implants

Troy Thompson is joined on the show by Dr. Alan Pritchard from Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi. Today Dr. Pritchard will be answering all questions from the audience about breast implants. Information Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi Located in Tupelo, MS 662-842-8949 http://www.dralanpritchard.com/

Dr. Huxford On The Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy

Troy Thompson is joined today by Dr. Cameron Huxford from The Huxford Clinic of Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine. Dr. Huxford talks to Troy about lung disorders and how oxygen therapy can help. Information The Huxford Clinic Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Located in Starvkille, MS 662-268-5042 https://www.huxfordclinic.com/

Amber Norman On SkinBetter Skincare

Amber Norman from Vitality Spa at The Dermatology Clinic talks to Troy Thompson about a new skincare product called SkinBetter. Watch now to learn more about this medical grade product and how Vitality Spa can help! Information Vitality Spa Located in Columbus, MS and Starkville, MS 662-328-3323 662-323-5377 http://www.vitality-skin.com/

Sarah Cline Stevens On Medicaid Versus Medicare

Troy Thompson is joined by Sara Cline Stevens, Attorney At Law. Today they discuss all the differences between Medicaid and Medicare for the elderly. Information Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney at Law Located in Amory, MS 662-597-2294 https://www.clinestevenslaw.com/

Scott Ferguson Discusses Financing For The New Year

Today Troy Thompson is joined by Scott Ferguson to go over financial solutions for the new year. Financial Concepts can help set up a solid foundation of goals to stick to throughout 2020, just give them a call today! Information Financial Concepts Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-1480 https://www.fincon.net/

How Expensive Is It To See Flexx Chiropractic?

Dr. Shana Thomas and Zach Thomas from Flexx Chiropractic sit with Troy Thompson on the show today to go over all the expenses of going to see a chiropractor. Watch now to learn how inexpensive it can be to visit Flexx today! Information Flexx Chiropractic Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-6586...

Robert White On The Importance Of A Healthy Immune System

Robert White from Robert's Apothecary talks with Troy Thompson about the importance of having a healthy immune system. Watch now to find out what could lead to a weak immune system and how to make it better! Robert's Apothecary Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-5400 https://robertsapothecaryms.com/

Dr. Alan Pritchard Answers Questions About Breast Implants

Dr. Alan Pritchard sits down with Troy Thompson to answer all questions about breast implants. Watch now to learn more about breast implants and to see how Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi can help today! Information Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi Located in Tupelo, MS 662-842-8949 http://www.dralanpritchard.com/