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Jeff Farnham Talks All About Interest Rates

Jeff Farnham from JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals sits down with Troy Thompson to discuss the topic of interest rates. Learn about all the different processes of interest rates and how JTS can help! Information JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals Located in Columbus, MS 662-329-9090

Golden Triangle Periodontal On Implants Versus Dentures

Dr. John Starr from Golden Triangle Periodontal joins Troy Thompson to discuss the differences between implants and dentures. Watch now to find out the benefits of both and what qualifies a person for one or the other. Information Golden Triangle Periodontal Center Located in Columbus, MS 662-329-2696

Lucent Medi Spa On Massages and Craniosacral Therapy

Brea Liddell and Anna Hodson sit down with Troy Thompson today to discuss massages and craniosacral therapy. Watch now to learn about these benefits and how Lucent Medi Spa can help today! Information Lucent Medi Spa Located in Columbus, MS 662-889-8695

Homes By Frye On The House Plans For The Villas At Wolf Creek

Kenny Frye from Homes by Frye joins Troy Thompson today on the show to talk about the house plans for the Villas at Wolf Creek. Be sure to watch this video so you can learn how one of these lovely homes can be yours! Information Homes by Frye Located in...

Dr. Robert Phyfer Discusses Cataracts

Dr. Robert Phyfer joins Troy Thompson on the show to discuss cataracts and how to know if a person has it. Watch now to find out about cataract surgery and how Brooks Eye Center and Optical can help. Information Brooks Eye Center & Optical Located in Columbus, MS 662-222-0202

Sarah Cline Stevens On Heir Property Laws

Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney At Law sits down with Troy Thompson to discuss the topic of heir property laws. Watch now to find out what properties qualify as inheritance in the state of Mississippi. Information Sarah Cline Stevens, Attorney at Law Located in Amory, MS 662-597-2294

Dr. Cameron Huxford On The Importance Of Lung Cancer Screening

Dr. Cameron Huxford  talks with Troy Thompson today about the importance of having a lung cancer screening. Watch now to learn why you should schedule an appointment with The Huxford Clinic of Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine today! Information The Huxford Clinic Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Located in Starvkille, MS 662-268-5042...

Dermatology Clinic On Psoriasis

Dr. Bethany Hairston talks to Troy Thompson about psoriasis. Watch now to learn more about this skin condition and how The Dermatology Clinic can help. Information The Dermatology Clinic Located in Columbus, MS 662-328-3375