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Dr. Cameron Huxford discusses sleep apnea treatment options

Dr. Cameron Huxford of the Huxford Clinic talks with Troy Thompson about treatment options for sleep apnea and the impact good sleep can make in your life. Learn more and watch it here! The Huxford Clinic 100-110 Strange Rd., Starkville, MS (662)268-5042

Jeff Farnham discusses helping people reach their dreams

Jeff Farnham and Troy Thompson talk today on #OTB about his and his staff's goals of helping people reach their goals and own their dream home. For more information: JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals 4158 Hwy 45, Columbus, MS 39705 (662)329-9090 Email:

A day in the life of a dermatologist with the Dermatology Clinic

Bethany Hairston and Shannon Johnson Younger talk with Troy Thompson about a day in the life of a dermatologist at the The Derm Clinic. Watch it here to hear all about it! For more information: The Dermatology Clinic 724 Leigh Dr., Columbus, MS 39705 (662)328-3375

Flexx Chiropractic talks about the benefits of chiropractic treatment

Shana Jo Thomas and Stephanie Flake talk with Troy Thompson about the benefits of chiropractic care and the importance of regular treatments to help you reach your health goals. For more information: Flexx Chiropractic 111 Alabama St. Columbus, MS 39702 (662)327-6586 Email:

Robert White discusses the benefits of fish oil & vitamins

Robert's Apothecary, Ltd's own Robert White talks with Troy Thompson about the benefits of incorporating natural health and herbal products in your daily health regimens today on #otb. For more information: Robert's Apothecary 2219 5th Street N, Columbus, MS 39705 (662)327-5400

Scott Ferguson discusses planning for your future

Scott Ferguson of Financial Concepts talks with Troy Thompsontoday on #OTB about the benefits of having a financial planner to help you navigate your future. Watch it here! For more information: Financial Concepts 1121 2nd Ave N, Columbus, MS 39701 (662)327-1480 Email:

Monroe Regional Hospital and their physical therapy programs

Barry Prather and Debbie Thomas of Monroe Regional Hospital Therapy Services talk with Troy Thompson about physical therapy and how it promotes mobility and improves function. Watch now to learn more! For more information: Monroe Regional Hospital Therapy Services 400 South Chestnut Street, Aberdeen, MS 39730 (662)362-0265

Lucent Medi Spa tells us about Cool Sculpting!

Brea Liddel of Lucent Medispa chats with Troy Thompson about CoolSculpting and how it can help eliminate a few extra pounds today on #otb! Watch for more details! For more information: Lucent Medi Spa 2406 US-45 Suite B, Columbus, MS 39705 (662)889-8695 Email: