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The Myth of Full Coverage Insurance with Richard Schwartz & Associates

Full coverage insurance is technically a myth. Patrick Wooten and Richard Schwartz join Troy Thompson to detail the various insurance policies that people can buy. Watch now to see how Richard Schwartz & Associates can help today! Information Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. Located in Tupelo, MS 601-869-0696 https://www.1call.ms/locations/tupelo/
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Gut Pain Spreading Throughout The Body with Chiropractic Physicians Center of Tupelo

Chronic pain in the gut is directly connected to the brain. Dr. Andy Barlow explains to Troy Thompson how pain in the gut can spread to the rest of the body. Watch now to find out how Chiropractic Physicians Center of Tupelo can help! Information: Chiropractic Physicians Center of...
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Dental Hygienist with Louisville Dental Associates

Jessica Heard describes to Troy Thompson the role of a dental hygienist and the importance of the job. Watch now to learn why the first visit is an important one at Louisville Dental Associates! Louisville Dental Associates Located in Louisville, MS 662-773-5544 https://www.smilesbylda.com/
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Listener Questions Part 1 with Chuck Easley Law

On this special episode of On The Beat, Chuck Easley and Troy Thompson review questions from listeners. Watch part 1 today and find out how Chuck Easley law can help with various issues! Information Chuck Easley Attorney at Law Located in Columbus, MS 662-327-1000 https://chuckeasley.com/
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Obesity Management Program with Rezilient Hope Hydration Lounge

Erica Horton and Katie Gardner join Troy Thompson to discuss the benefits of IV hydration. Rezilient Hope Hydration Lounge also explains the obesity management program. Watch now to learn more about the requirements to get into the program, as well as the treatments it includes. Information Rezilient Hope Hydration...
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Divorce Through Fault with Crowell Gillis & Cooper

If Divorce is not agreed upon by both parties, then in Mississippi it has to be proven by fault. Fault can include adultery, cruel treatment, habitual drug use, and more. Will Cooper talks with Troy Thompson about the steps to take when following a divorce through fault. Watch now to...
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Importance of Nurse Practitioners at Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus

Nurse Practitioners are an essential part of day-to-day care for Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus. Dr. Ricky Johnston and NP Valerie Brown discuss the importance of this role with Troy Thompson. Watch this episode of On The Beat to learn more! Information: Gastroenterology Associates of Columbus Located in Columbus, MS...
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Deficiencies That Can Cause Fatigue with Chosen 2 Care Medical Center

Fatigue can result from various deficiencies. Jodi Clements and Troy Thompson discuss the types of tests to determine this issue. Watch now to learn more from Chosen 2 Care Medical Center! Information Chosen 2 Care Medical Center Located in Columbus, MS 662-243-0008 https://www.chosen2care.com/