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Don West discusses the history of his company

Don West of Coldwell Banker West Realty of Columbus gives us the in-and-outs of the real estate business as well as how his company got started. If you have any questions about his company or you'd like to know what it takes to work in real estate, Don West is...

Jeff Farnham on getting a mortgage approved

Jeff Farnham from JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals talks with Troy about roadblocks that you need to overcome when being approved for a mortgage. He discusses the fears and obstacles often associated with first time house buyers and how he, and his company, can make the whole process much less...

Dr. Griffin gives us the details of an ‘otoplasty’

Troy speaks with Dr. Griffin from Griffin Center for Cosmetic Surgery about the details of an ‘otoplasty’ procedure. Dr. Griffin discusses that cosmetic surgery is not for people who are vain but for people who may feel uncomfortable about their body and are seeking means that would help them live...

Dr. Pritchard tells us about services provided by his clinic

Dr. Alan Pritchard from Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi stops by to tell Troy all about the services offered by his clinic. Not only do we learn about the techniques and benefits of plastic surgery, we also get to know more about Dr. Alan and the background of a plastic...

Robert White discusses the purposes of anti-inflammatory medicine

Robert White from Robert's Apothecary in Columbus, MS informs us on what anti-inflammatory medication can do for patients. He discusses the differences and similarities between prescription versus over-the-counter medicine as well as natural remedies. For all your questions on the anti-inflammatory medication, Robert will give you the answers. Watch now!...

Flexx Chiropractic talks about the purpose of chiropractic care

Shana Jo Thomas and Troy Thompson talk about what to expect at your chiropractic appointment and the benefits that come with treatment. Watch it here! For more information: Flexx Chiropractic 111 Alabama St. Columbus, MS 39702 (662)327-6586 Email:

Brea from Lucent Medi Spa discusses new, non-surgical procedures

Brea Liddel of Lucent Medispa chats with Troy Thompson about CoolSculpting and how it can help eliminate a few extra pounds today on #otb! Watch for more details! For more information: Lucent Medi Spa 2406 US-45 Suite B, Columbus, MS 39705 (662)889-8695 Email:

Monroe Regional Hospital doctors discuss their new services in Lowndes County

Dr. Mark Frixlou and Dr James L. Holzhauer discuss their new clinics and their services through Monroe Regional Hospital with Troy Thompson. Learn all about it by watching here! For more information: Monroe Regional Hospital Dr. James L. Holzhauer, MD GYN (662)329-9191 Dr. Mark A. Friloux, MD (662)370-0976